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Project: New World

A couple of friends and myself curated a group exhibition in 2013 called 'The End of the World Can Wait'. It was held at Trocadero Art Space and was a great opportunity for me to create a new work within the concept of the exhibition.

There was a conceptual theme behind the exhibition which was;

'So, if the world was going to end...

And we knew it...

What would be the last artwork you would make?

What would you want to say to the world?

A fond goodbye note? A defiant rebellion? A calm acceptance? Artists participating in this group show have actualised the last creation they would choose to make. It's an idea that will challenge these artists, as they try to define themselves, the world and what they would really feel if it was the actual end of it all.'

The piece I made was a small concertina pop out book that had text edited and cut out from a book I bought in an op shop. It was the text that inspired me to create what I did. I really enjoyed making this piece as I think it sums up how I would react to the end of the world.

My talented sister Lauren Kucera helped me film the pop up and composed the accomyanying music to the video we produced. It can be viewed here:

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