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The Unknown

Art Exhibition 20 May - 6 June

Matt Hobson, Anne Kucera, Lou Molesworth, Ben Snaath & Jess Dubblu

'Somewhere lost in the clouded annals of history lies a place that few have seen a mysterious place called the Unknown, where long-forgotten stories are revealed to those who travel through the wood.’

– Over the Garden Wall

Exploring themes referenced in the mini animation series Over the Garden Wall, The Unknown is a place that engulfs all those who pass through. Life, change, responsibility, death, limbo, purgatory, sacrifice, non romantic love…. here in this place we create the unknown. It is a place suffocating in atmosphere, not without hope but certainly with an element of danger. Choosing the right path and choosing your own words can mean your actions have consequences.It is familiar but strange, fantastical but menacing. Just like in life, the Unknown will either set you free or devour you.

Hope you enjoy the pictures from our Group Exhibition at Trocadero Art Space, Melbourne Australia

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