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Time Machine Postcards

100 Story Building is an amzing place that encourages children to imagine, write and be creative.

They have a small window space where writers and artists are invited to take over and create something relevant to the many stories of the 100 Story Building.

Just this week I finished my installation which I really enjoyed making. I created a Pop-Up Book based on their Time Machine along with a window art Installation for the pop up to be displayed in. It was a great opportunity for me not only because I could create more art but it allowed me to have a bit of fun outside of the context of a gallery space. As the window space is accessible to the visiting children, I attempted to make it an interactive space - where the kids could explore it and interact with it in a true imaginative state.

I was also lucky enough to be included in FOOT IT, an Art Crawl hosted by West Projections and Colour Box Studios. More Info about it here:

The walk is part of Craft Cubed 2015:

And Colour Box Studios interviewed me about my practice here:



Recently, artist and explorer Anne Kucera 'borrowed' 100 Story's time machine. Anne was working on extending the Time Machine's 1 second time travel capabilities when she discovered an anomoly. When the 'warp' button was held down as you time travel, you could go to any time - past, present or future and, anywhere in this universe! Or any other universe!

It was a great discovery that allowed Anne and her fellow explorer friends to go on some amazing adventures. But the magic went further after they found that when the warp button was used, a hidden mechanism was revealed that had captured the moment of travel as a postcard!

To celebrate all the adventures taken with the Time Machine, Anne has recreated a space inside time itself at 100 Story, with treasures and trinkets found on the many Time Machine travels. Anne also created the Time Machine as a pop-up book to show everyone how it works (now that the real one is safely back on Level 42 in 100 Story Building).

SPECIAL NOTICE TO ALL TIME MACHINE EXPLORERS! Please come to 100 Story and leave the Time Machine Postcards from your travels so people can share in your exciting journeys! And keep exploring!


Photos of Time Machine Pop-up Book:

The Window installation:

Some of the filled out Time Machine Postcards by the Children at 100 Story:

View from the Street:

Finding the Hidden Mechanism in the Pop-Up Time Machine!

A video of the Time Machine PopUp:

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